The emergence of the IoT is proving that anything that can be connected will be connected. Many of these connected devices—wristbands and other wearables, lightbulbs and locks—must be operated for long periods of time, but are constrained in terms of power, memory, and storage. Runtime provides device management and monitoring for constrained devices while supporting Apache Mynewt.

Apache Mynewt, an incubator project in the Apache Software Foundation, flexibly addresses these constraints while remaining agnostic to underlying hardware.

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Sterling Hughes, CTO, at the OpenIoT Summit in Berlin, October 11, 2016

The case for an open-source OS for connected devices that ensures their commercial and operational readiness in a comprehensive, easy way is laid out. The talk then details the architecture of the ensuing Apache Mynewt OS and the rationale behind some of the key design and implementation decisions.


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Runtime provides consulting services to companies making connected devices, particularly those using Bluetooth Low Energy. Please contact us if you would like to inquire.


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