About Us

Runtime provides commercial support, management and monitoring for the Apache Mynewt OS.

Management Team

James Pace

CEO, Co-Founder

James has held roles relevant to scaling and managing the IoT and connected devices: at Silver Spring Networks, a company enabling deployment and management of 23 million devices by reliably and securely connecting things that matter; network/systems/app management at Loudcloud, the progenitor to cloud-based, utility computing; network management at @Home Networks, the world’s first consumer broadband service; and the NASA Science Internet, a far-reaching precursor to the commercial Internet.

Sterling Hughes

CTO, Co-Founder

Sterling lead the development of Silver Spring Network’s wireless IPv6 mesh networking fabric, authoring more than 20 domestic and international patents in the process. Prior to Silver Spring, Sterling was one of the core developers of the PHP programming language, and spent 10 years scaling the high traffic websites of the day, including Friendster, Lycos, and FAST Search and Transfer. Sterling is a member of the Apache Software Foundation, and a believer in open-source as the basis for critical infrastructure.

Ray Suorsa

Chief Cloud Architect, Co-Founder

Ray Suorsa has been architecting scalable cloud services since his days at NASA. He has worked on internet search engines, large scale data-center management systems, secure overlay networks, and social networks. He is applying advancements made in cloud technology to the design and management of IoT software.

Will San Filippo

Principal Firmware Engineer, Co-Founder

Will started his career writing MAC layers for the groundbreaking Metricom Ricochet product, the world’s first consumer wireless packet-data offering. At Silver Spring Networks, he authored a MAC layer that scaled to multi-million node deployments and became IEEE 802.15.4e/g, the technology behind the world’s largest Industrial IoT deployments. Will developed the lower layers of Runtime’s BLE stack and is working on additional wireless protocols.

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