In addition to cloud management and making the world better with open source, Runtime provides comprehensive solutions for customers.

Commercial Support

Runtime provides commercial support for Apache Mynewt and, soon, the Zephyr Project. Support packages cover essential software maintenance, security patches, safety and/or security qualifications of releases, and assistance with product certifications (e.g. Bluetooth, FCC).

Product and Roadmap Consulting

Runtime gets connected products up and running fast with full design and porting services — all leveraging free open source software. Security and management are designed in from the start, removing technical debt and assuring a stable, reliable product foundation.

Our bench is deep and we have decades of experience managing over 24 million connected devices. Consumer or medical or commercial or industrial, we’ve built it and managed it.


Every company is now a tech company. High level or a deep dive, Runtime provides a customizable curriculum for organizations formulating or executing their IoT strategies. Runtime trainers are expert in relating security, management, and network connectivity options with practical, real-world IoT business cases that deliver ROI.

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