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The Runtime Device Platform is the end-to-end IoT solution that provides connected product companies with unparalleled flexibility, the lowest TCO, and the complete lifecycle management of massive scale networks.


Multi-Transport Architecture

Open source networking stacks to support full range of consumer and industrial uses cases, including:

bluetooth wi sun lora ucifi thread-group wifi ocf nb-lot zigbee

Broad Chipset Support

Ability to seamlessly port edge application across a full range of supported chipsets and modules from leading providers including:

nordic dialog st deca-wave wnc si-five ambiq-micro

Faster Time-to-Market

Runtime Studios™ that provide hardware, reference designs, software, and cloud APIs to accelerate development for specific verticals, including:

  • Smart Lighting
  • Smart Buildings
  • Personal Health
  • Smart Home
  • Asset Tracking

Lower Cost from Open Source

Platform built on open source lowers cost and allows for greater control

  • Apache Mynewt OS
  • Zephyr OS
  • mcuboot
  • NimBLE
  • mcumgr

Device Management

device management
  • Management tools, including secure provisioning, firmware upgrade, log management, and network performance monitoring
  • Messaging infrastructure for massive IoT networks
  • Software-based gateways for fixed and mobile (Linux, iOS, and Android) connectivity



Full system security built in from Day 1, including:

  • Trusted and encrypted communications, including PKI support and integration with FIPS-140-2 certified hardware
  • Secure provisioning, including device authentication and secure boot.
  • User administration and role- and object-based permissions
  • Security assurance with threat analysis and security assessments

Solution Elements

Runtime provides end to end support for the design, development, and deployment of massive scale networks. From supporting Apache Mynewt, the most capable open source OS for low power devices, to developing the Runtime Device Platform, the world’s most capable Device Management System, Runtime provides the tools and expertise for product companies to build and operate their connected solutions.

Edge Devices

  • Runtime provides software and hardware solutions to help customers accelerate product development.
  • Software: The Runtime OS is built on Apache Mynewt, the world’s leading open-source operating system for MCU-class devices. The same Runtime OS runs across hardware platforms, allowing connected product companies to leverage the same application on an array of processors and abstracted across multiple-sourced sensors. Runtime OS is designed to work across different open source OS kernels such as Zephyr™, freeRTOS, and Riot OS. Runtime’s solutions are used in many different applications, from consumer to industrial to smart city.
  • Hardware: Customers can either design their own hardware solutions, or build on top of Runtime's modules or Studio reference designs. Runtime also provides design services for customers looking for custom solutions.


  • Transport options: The Runtime OS supports multiple network transports, including Bluetooth 5, Bluetooth Mesh, BLE 4.2, LoRaWAN, IEEE 802.15.4g, Zigbee, Wi-Fi, Thread and NB-IoT/Cat-M1. Learn more about Runtime's open source Bluetooth solution.
  • Gateway: Runtime provides gateway software that can run on iOS and Android devices or on Linux-based fixed gateways for the supported transports.
  • Messaging infrastructure: Connected product companies write their application once and allow Runtime’s uniform messaging infrastructure to manage end-to-end communications across protocol, fixed and mobile gateways, and public/private networks.

Device Management

  • Runtime’s Device Platform manages devices throughout their full product lifecycle, from initial design and prototyping to massive scale, post-deployment operations. Intrinsic Build-and-Package Management and Continuous Integration accelerate development cycles and quality. Connected product companies can enable service-based recurring revenue business models using Runtime’s secure over-the-air firmware upgrade, network monitoring and management tools.

Customer Application

  • Cloud applications: Runtime’s APIs allow product companies to write their cloud application and gateway applications (e.g., iOS, Android, Linux) once, and tie in to Runtime’s global cloud footprint to communicate with and manage devices across geographies, transports, device types, and versions.
  • Mobile applications: Runtime’s Mobile Software Development Kit (SDK) allows product companies to easily build iOS or Android applications that communicate with connected edge devices or gateways.

Support and Services

  • Runtime provides a range of support and implementation services. From development support and training to outsourced design and development, Runtime offers the right set of services to meet its customers’ needs. Runtime offers Developer and Enterprise Support packages for Apache Mynewt and Zephyr, which includes training, architecture and design, Bluetooth certification and testing support, and dedicate technical support resources. Runtime also offers custom design services for hardware, software, and cloud to meet customers’ specific development needs.